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Personal injury and medical negligence

You may be eligible for compensation

You may be entitled to compensation if you have suffered a personal injury or medical negligence (physical or psychological) caused by another person or entity (business, government etc).

An injury does not need to be catastrophic for you to have a viable claim; if the injury impacts your ability to work or your quality of life, compensation may be available.


To ensure your best chance of success in a personal injury claim, it is important that you speak to us as soon as possible and provide us with information about the nature of your injury, how it occurred and any impact that injury has on your life.

Free initial phone consultations for injury related matters

We offer free initial phone consults for all workers compensation or general personal injury claims, including medical negligence or general negligence. Claims for personal injuries can arise from:

    • Medical negligence – when you are injured as a result of a medical treatment (including a failure to diagnose or treat properly or at all, or a failure to properly warn of the risks associated with the treatment)
    • Falls, slips and trips
    • Injuries caused by products that were defective in some way or didn’t perform as intended or expected
    • Injuries at events or in public places

Regardless of the nature of your injury, we can provide timely and accurate advice on the process of seeking compensation and your realistic chances of succeeding in a claim.

Full service claims

We can assist with all aspects of personal injury claims, from advice to giving notice to the other party or parties, to filing and running court proceedings as well as negotiating a fair settlement of compensation for your injury.

Experienced personal injury lawyers

The law in relation to making personal injury claims is complicated. Our lawyers have substantial experience in these claims and can support you through the process.