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Workers' Compensation

Claims, disputes, litigation and negotiated settlements

In the Northern Territory, compensation for all injuries arising “out of or in the course of” your employment is determined under the Return to Work Act (NT) (the Act).

The Act defines an “injury” for the purposes of workers’ compensation entitlements – and it’s not necessarily straightforward. Work must be the cause of the injury, or a substantial contributing factor, for a worker to be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

If you have suffered an injury at work, you may be entitled to compensation including:

  • Loss of earning capacity due to the injury: at full ‘normal weekly earnings’ rate for the first 26 weeks of incapacity;
  • thereafter at 75% of ‘lost earning capacity’ (or the statutory maximum);
  • medical costs related to the injury – including medical treatments and appointments, surgery, medications et cetera;
  • injury related travel at the rate of $0.39 per kilometre, (i.e. obtaining treatment, pharmacy trips); household and attendant care services required due to the injury;
  • household/vehicle/workplace modifications required due to the injury;
  • vocational retraining required for workers who cannot return to their preinjury employment due to the injury;
  • and a whole person impairment (WPI) lump sum, when a worker’s compensable injury is assessed by a qualified medical practitioner at greater than 5% WPI.


We can assist with at stages of the claims process. 

We offer free initial phone consults for all potential workers’ compensation matters. ​

We can help with your queries, claims and disputes by:

advising on potential entitlement to compensation;

  • assisting with the claim process;
  • advising you as to what workers’ compensation benefits you can claim under the Act, and assisting you to receive benefits you may be entitled to;
  • providing advice and assistance in disputes with the workers’ compensation insurer, including in situations where your benefits have been ceased or reduced, or when the insurer has refused to fund something you think you are entitled to;
  • advice and representation in the Work Health Court;
  • advising in relation to settlements, and negotiating overall lump sum settlements of your workers’ compensation claim entitlements; and
  • arranging and assisting with whole person impairment assessments and re-assessments by suitable medical experts.

If you have an accepted workers’ compensation claim and the insurer has or is proposing to take steps to reduce your benefits, we can assess, advise and 
assist you.


We can also provide assistance in facilitating a lump sum financial settlement of your workers’ compensation claim entitlements, from negotiating and advice on settlement amounts to exchange of settlement deeds and payment to you.

Workers’ compensation claims are complex

For certain matters, we can work for you on a ‘no win, no fee’ costs agreement. Please contact us with your enquiry and we can discuss.

Experienced workers’ compensation lawyers

Our team of empathetic and dedicated lawyers have substantial experience in workers’ compensation claims and can support you through the process.